Lunch Menu

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Soups & Salads

Gazpacho 12 vv, gf
Strawberry, Guajillo, Cherry Tomato, Champagne Foam

Loaded House Salad 14 gf
Romaine, Spring Mix, Bacon, Hard Boiled Egg, Tomato, Chives, Pepita,
Sesame Seed, White Cheddar-Tarragon Ranch

Caesar Salad* 14
Romaine Lettuce, Anchovy Dressing, Parmesan, Garlic Bread Crumb, Parmesan Foam, Capers
+3 White Anchovies*

Kale Salad 16
Crispy Prosciutto, Red Cabbage, Sunflower, Goat Cheese, Orange Segment, Orange Vinaigrette


Shishito Peppers 14 df, gf
Blistered, Ginger-Kimchi Glaze, Basil, Mint, Sesame Seed

Burrata 19 v
Noble Country Loaf, Honey Chili Crisp, Pickled Cantaloupe, Onion Jam, Strawberry Balsamic

Popcorn Shrimp 16 df
Tapioca Cracker, Bonito Mist, Togarashi, Sesame Aioli, Cabbage

Shrimp Skewers 18 gf
Andouille, Gumbo Sauce, Charred Green Onion, Lemon

Fried Frog Legs 22
Achiote Buttermilk Marinade, Pickled Coleslaw, Remoulade, Hot Sauce

Mac & Cheese 14 v
Poblano, Three Cheese Sauce, Cheddar Crust, Chili Oil, Pinwheel
+8 Chicken | +10 Shrimp

Pork Belly 20
Pineapple Glaze, Achiote Sauce, Pico de Gallo, Avocado Mousse, Chicharrón

Lamb Gorditas 16
Braised Lamb Shoulder, Chile Colorado, Goat Cheese, Cotija, Radish

Seared Foie Gras* 28
Strawberry Stroopwafel, Strawberry Crumble, Almond Foam

Main Course

Duck Confit Alfredo* 38
Orecchiette Pasta, Duck Confit, Maitake Mushroom,
Foie Gras & Mushroom-infused Alfredo Sauce, Parmesan

Pan-Seared Scottish Steelhead* 36 df, gf
Milet, Shaved Celery, Haitian Relish, Red Pepper Emulsion

Braised Lamb Gyro 22
Chile Colorado Lamb Shoulder, Red Onion, Tzatziki, Tomato, Cucumber, Micro Cilantro, Pita

BBQ Short Rib Sandwich 20
Blackberry BBQ Sauce, Lettuce, Pickled Coleslaw, Pepper Jack, Cuban Hoagie
Served with Hidden House Fries

Ciabatta Tomato Melt 16 v
Tomato, Queso Oaxaca, Basil, Olive Oil, Bell Pepper, Avocado Spread
Served with Hidden House Fries

Turkey Melt 17
Pepper Jack, Grilled Poblano, Tomato Aioli, Lettuce, Cuban Hoagie
Served with Hidden House Fries

Duck Melt 20
Duck Confit, Gruyère, Caramelized Onion, Tomato, Arugula, Lemon-Herb Aioli, Country Loaf
Served with Hidden House Fries

Fried Chicken Sandwich 18
American Cheese, Red Cabbage, Bacon, Sweet & Spicy Aioli, Ciabatta Bread
Served with Hidden House Fries

Double Burger* 18
American Cheese, Lettuce, Onion, Special Sauce, Sesame Seed Bun
Served with Hidden House Fries


Strawberry Shortcake 12
Almond Cake, Strawberry Crumble, Strawberry Coulis, Strawberry Gummy, Brown Butter-whipped Cream

German Chocolate Cake 12
Dulce De Leche, Nutella Whip, Toasted Coconut

Cannoli Cones 12
Sweet Ricotta Cream, Feuilletine, Pistachio
+4 add cone